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Narnia E OX 7012, is breed by the danish breeder EM arabiens, and is out of some very fine show horses. Sire: RP Armani SS: Ajman Monisione SD: Nika ll (out of Koronec, that out of Kubinec, and Nachma, out of Nahbay) Dame: RA Kulani DS: Magnum psyche (Padrones Psyche, out of Padrone) DD: RA Loke Lani (out of Fame Fox x Valhalla Tornadia) expectet hight is 156 cm. pt hight: 150 cm She was show´t as a foul and won gold. Is about to be broken in. A little horse that go´s thouth fire, water, hell and sky for it´s owner, only you set the limit. SOLD.